The Dilemma of Youth in Pakistan and abroad in context of Sustainable Development goals.

The United nations came up with the brilliant idea of sustainable development goals in 2015, Which is a multi-pronged noble strategy to end the most pressing issues confronting our world today such as poverty and malnutrition. The goals are set to be accomplished by humanity in 2030 hence also called agenda 2030, whether or not we will achieve these goals in 2030 is seemingly a far fetched distant dream, perhaps we can’t end world poverty even by a century into the future if even when we are lucky all due to the rampant corruption , mismanagement of funds and bad Governance around the world. If world Governments around the world put their hearts and souls and work tirelessly aimed at achieving these goals maybe we can achieve some sort of these goals .

The youth is still marginalized in this great endeavor, Countries with youth bulge threatening the societal collapse and impacting developing nations many youth live a life of misery due to unemployment and being unable to secure a job due to issues such as nepotism still threatening countries like Pakistan.

In order to end issues like Poverty, Governments need to Invest in Research and development In key area’s and have developed existing liberal sciences aimed at achieving social objectives like the united nations sustainable development goals for instance ending poverty. So far, Countries have researched well In area’s like irrigation agriculture and geo engineering to prevent drought and famine hence many developed nations have ample supply of food to prevent the Pre world war 2 like famines in many developing and least developing nations.

In Pakistan, The rural youth are under-represented and unaware, They lack support and opportunity. The education rural youth receive is inadequate ,on the other hand the urban dwelling youth is faced with apparent issues like unemployment and a general discard of their educational achievement Internationally.

If we have to fix the sustainable development goals we need to bring together sustainable Governance and a abundance of financially enabled initiatives and Include the youth in Governance, So far youth are getting discarded and the UN goals have got all the spot-light which will fade with time once 2030 is here and that is only 9 years away!.